Dear TOLPIT User,

Opon many requests, we spend quite some time on the Finance features of TOLPIT. We can now finally present a complete solution, all postings/HR/Salary/Fixed assets/Budgets/Bank consolidation, plus many other points can be done in TOLPIT, easy and fast.

  • To get a full advance of these features, setup, and training has to be done, and we are ready to assist in this as much as needed. Kindly send a request for a time span to or, We will then do ZOOM meetings to be sure that easy and fast postings can be achieved.
  • The report “Stock Ledger” is back in TOLPIT. Issues regarding this report have been fixed.
  • In connection with new finance features, a new menu point has been added under Admin > Reports > Finance > Budget. With this new feature, budgets can be entered, reports can be printed with fields showing different colors for different achievements.

Last point, in this newsletter. Should any of you have some ideas/features you would like to be available in TOLPIT, do let us know, we are always ready to get new inputs and with the team growing, we do have the manpower for any wishes coming along.

Kindly note, if you missed one of our monthly newsletters, then check our website, where all newsletters are available.

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.