We are saying welcome to our distributor in Oman. This company will from March 15 take care of all sales of TOLPIT in Oman. Our existing customers are welcome to contact Computer Planets directly or continue with TOLPIT D.O.O. All service and support will continue via...

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TOLPIT Newsletter FEBRUARY 2022.

Dear TOLPIT User, Hope you all are keeping safe. Some of you, no longer have any COVID restrictions, some of you even decided to say goodbye to COVID, which for sure is great, giving the rest of us "HOPE" that the next few months let us all, close this COVID captor...

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TOLPIT Newsletter March 2022.

Dear TOLPIT User, Seems to start this newsletter for once will be about something else than COVID. Finally, it seems COVID is gone or at least fading enough for all of us to move on, with our normal life. BUT now WAR in Europe has to come making things a little...

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