Dear TOLPIT User.

News from our office in Belgrade. We are happy to announce that the team is growing, Mr. Shander Abidi joined the team and with this, our support will soon be available in the following languages:

Arabic, French, English, German, Serbian, and Danish.

TOLPIT entering new markets, Canada is now on the list of countries using TOLPIT. We finally crossed the Atlantic and the USA is in the pipeline to be the next country using TOLPIT, it’s for sure exciting times for TOLPIT.

New features in TOLPIT:

In the Glasses sheet, Contact lens sheet new FAST option for generating receipts has been added. On the left-hand side, “To sales” are shown, click on this, and the sales screen will automatically be generated, items transferred, and the customer chosen. Makes POS even faster than before.

Uploading documents for digital filing, now possible from all sheets in TOLPIT, easy setup, user friendly.

The report generator / Query section is now once again expanded, so totals are shown in reports and many criteria can be chosen, and it’s now a strong way to get special reports, generated FAST.

For our users in Saudi Arabia, TOLPIT is now fully integrated with the TAX authorities, meaning receipts and invoices can’t be printed before details in the QR code are received as confirmation that sales have been approved.

Stock age analysis is also a feature now available via the report generator.

If logos with addresses are pre-printed on the sheets and used for Receipts/invoices, then data normally coming from Setup > Location, can be blocked via Setup > Reports > Include logo.

Lastly, we do get some questions regarding exactly which segments in the Optical business TOLPIT support, see below the license types available:

TOLPIT, Retail. For Optical shops, clinics, Hospitals, and Pharmacies.

TOLPIT, Wholesale.

TOLPIT, Lab/workshops. For labs/workshops, that use tracer, edger, and fitting lenses into frames.

TOLPIT, Factory, Complete management for receiving orders electronically, producing lenses as well as Contact lenses, integration with LMS.

TOLPIT, Shop – E-commerce – Marketing (Post’s / stories). Fully integrated with the back office of TOLPIT.

In the hope we all have some fruitful business,

Yours faithfully