Dear TOLPIT User.

This newsletter comes very late, the holiday was there, SILMO was there, and expansion into new markets was there all kept us very busy, but finally as we also have some very HOT news, it’s time for another newsletter.

New features in TOLPIT:

The only real new feature has been that the RX Lenses and RX contact lenses have been changed a lot, making it much easier for staff to find the correct items more quickly than before. This did make life hard for some of you and sorry for that, we realized that pricelists from ESSILOR were giving issues, but it was sorted.

Some other features and correcting have been done in our production part of TOLPIT, basically starting to integrate with LMS for lens production.

Now the HOT news.

We are in the process of integrating WhatsApp to TOLPIT via API and also soon offering WhatsApp BOT features for excellent support of your clients. The integration will mean that all messages going today via SMS can be sent via WhatsApp, which seems to be the best form of communication these days. We noted that the interest in this feature is huge and as soon as we are ready to release it another newsletter will follow.

New employee in our group.

We are proud to announce that we have hired a Sales Manager for GCC, Mr. Ashraf Al Tamimi. His main goal is to expand our markets, especially in Saudi, Kuwait, and Bahrain, but also approach the main players in the GCC. It is IMPORTANT to note that Mr. Ashraf Al Tamimi, will NOT do service nor support and will therefore not have access to any client’s data, this will still only be the support team area. Mr. Ashraf Al Tamimi will be based in Qatar for now, but working via our company in Oman, Sunlight General Investments L.L.C., another company in the TOLPIT group.

I hope you all have a great autumn, with rising sales.

Yours respectfully

Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen