Dear TOLPIT User,

Hope you all are keeping safe. Some of you, no longer have any COVID restrictions, some of you even decided to say goodbye to COVID, which for sure is great, giving the rest of us “HOPE” that the next few months let us all, close this COVID captor and move on, with life as we all like it, moving freely around like we used to.

We get many requests for our YouTube channel link:

enjoy, this is worth watching.

New extended features regarding Web Shop / Online marketing.

• Campaign fields from TOLPIT integrated directly with the Online shop.

• Sales price can be changed during uploading items from TOLPIT giving a strong marketing tool.

• A member section, where customers can follow their total purchase, reprint receipts, check loyalty status, check special offers ext.

Sales Summary Report.

One of the stronger tools, especially for management, has become even stronger. A new field in the filter process, “Group”, will allow choosing Optical sales, Hearing Aid sales ext. Sales Group-wise, setup can be done via “Setup” > Items.

Cash Voucher / Gift Vouchers automatically printed in connection with Receipt/invoice printing.

This feature should be something to notice, especially if improving the sales is on the wish list. This new feature works only after cooperation directly with our engineers, but it’s a quick fix. Sell an item and offer a voucher amount equal to the purchased amount, to be used in connection with any future purchase. When a Receipt is printed, a voucher will follow on separate paper, customized design. Blocks offered in TOLPIT make sure vouchers only can be used once, all controlled via barcodes.

In the hope that you all keep safe,

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.