Subject: TOLPIT Newsletter July 2022.

Dear TOLPIT User,

The first important point in this newsletter is to inform you all of the updated prices regarding our valued Service and support program. Some of you know it as AMC some of you as YMF.

New prices are valid from the next period of Service, support, and updates of TOLPIT.

HQ (Main license) 175,00 Euro for 12 months period.

Retail Optical license 125,00 Euro for 12 months period.

Retail Kiosk license 75,00 Euro for 12 months period.

Lab license 125,00 Euro for 12 months period.

Wholesale license 175,00 Euro for 12 months period.

Production license 275,00 Euro for 12 months period.

For groups with more than 10 active locations, a 5 % discount will be offered. Above prices are fixed no discount available, this instead of a price rise, since our prices have been the same for the last 10 + years we felt this would be the fairest way of compensating for the huge inflation, that has hit the whole world.

Kindly note that the above normally covers all, service, support, and updates in TOLPIT. However, some exceptional updates requested by governments or insurance companies, in different parts of the world will be charged separately after an agreement.

New feature released in TOLPIT, since the last newsletter.

● Setup > Brands > Discount field.

If there is a % filled in the field and the Setup > User access is without tic in max discount, then more discount than mentioned in the Setup > Brands is not possible, unless the user is a super user or manager of the location. A nice way to control max discounts on brands. (It was active some time back but was inactivated for some reason, it’s back.)

● Sales screen, showing qty available in stock, when doing sales if a user has tic in stock edit in

Setup > User.

● Admin > Purchase inv. > Discount %, has been updated. It seemed to cause issues when using some internet browsers, but has been fixed.

In the hope that you all stay safe,

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.