Subject: TOLPIT Newsletter June 2022 QLM API Qatar Only

Dear TOLPIT User,

New updated feature in TOLPIT:

TOLPIT <> QLM API Integration, finally finished

After long and hard work done by our engineers in connection with QLM’s IT department, we finally managed to finish the Pre-approval API integration, done in a way, that makes day-to-day business much easier when dealing with QLM.

As this meant spending a considerable amount of human resources we will need to charge a fee for this, however, those of you with yearly maintenance contracts will get a substantial discount.

To make this as fair as possible for everyone, we have decided on the following pricing:

Every group / TOLPIT user will pay a fee of 100,00 QAR per location, however, locations like Damaged, Lab, and Kiosk will not be charged. There will be a 25 % discount for users having Yearly maintenance contracts.

For no misunderstandings, for example. Fee for a group of HQ plus 3 retail locations will be 400,00 QAR – 25 % discount = 300,00 QAR.

The feature is already released and is found in the Glass sheet and Contact lens sheet as a menu point named QLM, one press on this menu point is all needed to get Pre-approval. However, the menu point is inactive until we receive the acceptance of the above, including username and password for access to QLM.

Acceptance and username + password can be sent to, after receiving this a period of 24 hours must be expected, before confirmation from our side, that the feature is active.

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We get many requests for our YouTube channel link:

enjoy, this is worth watching.

In the hope that you all stay safe,

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.