Dear TOLPIT User.

New features in TOLPIT:

The calendar has been changed, so if you generate a double appointment warning will come, the line will NOT be saved like before, but a new line with a new appointment time must be entered. The feature “Calendar Search” found in the customer sheet should be used, it helps a lot as only available time slots are shown.

Notice.gif is a feature that has been available for a very long time, but believe many of you don’t know about this feature. The idea with this feature is to upload a page showing, campaigns, special offers, and more your group is offering, for the staff on the floor to be reminded of, it works very well for some of our bigger groups.

Contract lens (RX) now can search more exactly after the correct contact lenses, using the Axis, this is especially good for Astigmatism lenses. Should you wish to use this new feature, kindly contact us at, this requires uploading new CSV files.

The consignment feature turned out to have an issue when the total qty was equal to the total qty in stock. This has now been fixed, so the consignment feature is now fully functional again.

The query feature, found under Admin > query is now even more like a report generator as a lot of new filters are there, kindly check this feature, it will help a lot in your day-to-day business getting correct statistics from TOLPIT.

A new feature has just been released. Automatic Birthday SMS, meaning Birthday SMS will automatically be sent every day at 9 am local time. This feature does require setup in TOLPIT, but when done, no need to remember, no need to miss out on the great SMS feature, because shops do not work certain days, nice extended marketing feature.

One more new feature, in the glass sheet new field for choosing from where the customer bought their frame, this is to see how competitors are doing, a very nice feature/idea from one of our TOLPIT users. Also, query reports will be available for statistics. Setup of this field is done via Setup > Persons > tic in the Comp field and Activ field.

Reports > List > Stock, now also shows the material of the items, this is for statistics for example if plastic or metal frames are best selling.

Regarding our customers in Qatar, we have over some time now, worked with a company in Qatar and now TOLPIT Technology has been the outcome of this company, partly owned by us. This means that customers in Qatar have a choice, they can continue working directly with TOLPIT Word Wide, like always, or decide to have an opportunity to work with a “local” company and get service/support directly via this source also if needed get support on the spot. I NEED to emphasize, this is only an offer, there is for sure no issue if the wish is to continue with TOLPIT World Wide. Should you wish more information regarding TOLPIT Technology, feel free to contact Mr. Fater Shaaban, mobile # 6632 0552, or Mr. Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen, via mobile at +381 61 148 6235 or

for WhatsApp + 94 76 979 2643.

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.