Dear TOLPIT User,

Seems to start this newsletter for once will be about something else than COVID. Finally, it seems COVID is gone or at least fading enough for all of us to move on, with our normal life. BUT now WAR in Europe has to come making things a little difficult for some of us.

It has not affected our Serbian organization, things are still pretty much the same. However for those of our customers hosting their Database with us, I would like to announce that we have put into action our plan B, a server completely same capacity as here, installed in our smaller office in Germany, this way being sure, the backup server can jump in should we face any issues in Serbia.

New updated feature in TOLPIT:

A much easier way to do stock taking/counting.

● Setup – stock – export file, gives a possibility of adding items to excel sheet.

● Setup – stock – import file, gives a possibility of updating existing stock level.

● Reports – list – Count – Show to many – click “export” then CSV file is generated

● Admin – Purchase inv. – new – company name – import.

This way too many items will quickly be reentered into TOLPIT.

We get many requests for our YouTube channel link:

enjoy, this is worth watching.

In the hope that you all keep safe,

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.