Dear TOLPIT User,This newsletter has some very interesting new features, always doing all in cooperation with our loyal customers, to make this platform more efficient, easy and professional.

Retail features:

Glass sheet: A few minor changes in the sheet, H=Hieght is now in the range of 14 – 40, this is because frames are getting bigger again, the new trend so the height will of course then also get bigger. Box (h) and Box (w) fields have been changed to Box (B) and Box (A), again to update it to the international norm.

Glass sheet: Under the “Paid” section, the new feature, “To Sales”, if clicked, items from the glass sheet will automatically be transferred to a new sales ID in the sales screen section. This feature is helpful in the sense that the sales part can be done very quickly, but also if for example, the customer buys Near and distance glasses, then both glasses can quickly be moved to the same sales ID. Also works if for example a customer buys a pair of glasses, a pair of contact lenses, a pair of hearing AID, all can be sold through one receipt. VERY NICE new feature.

Sales Screen: When a new sale is generated and the customer is connected, then advance payments can be accepted and a receipt for this printed. This way if the customer wants to order special items, not in stock, advance payment can be accepted by the branch, later when the items are ready they can be added to the same sales ID: and the difference is paid, and the receipt is done. VERY NICE new feature.

Wholesale features:

Order screen: When entering orders, these can now be moved automatically to new/open sales IDs: even on another location, this way many orders for the same customer can easily be added to the same monthly invoice, stating delivery note data. Another logistic headache went from this section. Cross-location, even cross-country invoicing is possible with this new feature.

In the hope that you all stay safe,

Yours faithfully


Jens Arve Bozinic Jepsen

CEO/Managing Director.