TOLPIT Newsletter September 2022.

Dear TOLPIT User,

This newsletter has once more some very interesting new features, always doing all in cooperation with our loyal customers, to make the platform more efficient, easy and professional.

Barcode/label printing has the last many years caused many headaches and many challenges. Those days have gone by, and it’s now possible to print these labels, directly from Windows, YES from windows, no more need to set up Linux workstations for this. We already did do setup for quite a few users, but if readers of this newsletter, still did not get this done, kindly contact us at

The new enhanced Query feature / Report generator is again a point that has been hanging for some time, but with new filtres, generating specific reports, is now much easier, no more something that takes time and a lot of effort.

QATAR market QLM API TOLPIT is now running fine and as an easier day-to-day operation, passwords can now be changed via the menu point: Setup > Persons.

With the wholesale enhanced EOS platform solution it’s now possible to offer any product via EOS, Frames, Sunglasses, Contact lenses, Lenses, and even RX products. To know more about the possibilities, kindly contact us at

Now just some general updates, we are at the moment working on our biggest project ever, It will mean that our team will grow. We are in the process of connecting, A lens factory, 12 wholesale offices, 10 external sales staff, and 1300 Optician shops into one TOLPIT database, using EOS / TOLPIT to TOLPIT / AI production features. It’s a new country where our first installation will be like this.

In the hope that you all stay safe,

Yours faithfully