We, Sun Opticals & Moon Opticals from Sultanate of Oman Having a great relationship with LINOPTIC S.A (TOLPIT) since from the year  2009 to till date now. During this period they have provided us EXCELLENT support whenever needed.

It is a company specializing in IT for the Optical Industry and gives us complete system operation to do our business in a smooth manner. The silent features in TOLPIT, which makes our job very easy and helps to gain our customer satisfaction.

Their update of work, which is posted for us frequently, always surprises us. we completely trust their team. That is why its been installed for our shops at India (Esun Optics) also

We wish them all success in future
with regards

Balu General

Sultanate of Oman, Manager Sun & Moon Opticals.

We are using TOLPIT optical software since 2015 and since then we are relaxed and don’t have to look for a better and updated software as it is done by TOLPIT’s engineers all by itself.

It’s our suggestion to you if you are an Optical business owner start using TOLPIT and relax.

Muscat Opticians

Sultanate of Oman

We have been working with TOLPIT since 2015. TOLPIT team was able to transfer our old data very fast and we were able to start using the system straight away. It helps to deal with our sales, customer and staff data so smooth without any hassel. We recommend TOLPIT to all the opticians world wide. It’s a great IT product for Optical business.

TOLPIT is an innovative solution for optical businesses that are in search of an easy-to-use and scalable system to manage information and operations. As a cloud-based solution, TOLPIT has no expensive hardware requirements

TOLPIT has been a great support to our journey. We thank Mr. Jens and his Tolpit team for their expertise and seamless technical solutions that have helped us stay relevant in a dynamic environment.

Optic Palace from Sultanate of Oman

Hamed Jaberi, Owner